MIFCOM Blackbox Titan X Alpha & Mainframe

MIFCOM is the only system integrator and NVIDIA partner for Switzerland, Germany and Austria building systems with NVIDIA's latest and greatest Titan X (Pascal) graphics card. Since we're quite into high-end gaming hardware here at ocaholic we're going to show you around those systems and we'll give you a preview on how powerful those rigs are. On top of that all MIFCOM Blackbox systems can be custom configured.

MIFCOM Blackbox Titan X Alpha & Mainframe

Liquid Cooling

Bykski releases blocks for GTX 1050/1050 Ti

26.10.2016: Although we doubt that many users will decide to liquid cool their GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 Ti graphics cards, Bykski, the biggest water block maker in China, has you covered in case that is your option.


Zotac boosts Sonix PCIe 480GB SSD speed

26.10.2016: Zotac is celebrating its 10th anniversary with some really cool new and updated products and one of them is the new Sonix PCIe 480GB SSD 10th Anniversary Edition which got a cool boost in both the performance as well as the design.


Xiaomi surprises with 6.44-inch Mi MIX smartphone

26.10.2016: Xiaomi has pulled a big surprise yesterday by announcing its new 6.4-inch Mi MIX smartphone that has nearly no bezels, custom curved screen, high-end hardware and an impressive 91.3 percent screen-to-body ratio, putting a lot of pressure on big names like Samsung and Apple.


Leaked MacBook Pro picture shows the new OLED bar

26.10.2016: A leaked picture of the upcoming MacBook Pro notebook revealed a bit more details as well as showed a new OLED touch bar.


Zotac makes a special liquid-cooled GTX 1080

26.10.2016: In order to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Zotac has teamed up with Thermaltake to create a new and special liquid-cooled GTX 1080 graphics card, the Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 ArcticStorm Thermaltake 10 Year Anniversary Edition.


Intel unveils new Atom E3900 series CPUs

26.10.2016: Intel has launched its new Apollo Lake Atom E3900 series CPU aimed at IoT market and use in segments such as industrial, automotive, video, manufacturing, retail, and more.


AMD confirms Zen is coming in Q1 2017

26.10.2016: During the Q3 2016 earnings call, AMD's CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed that AMD's next-generation Zen CPU architecture will launch in Q1 2017.


Zotac packs GTX 1080 in its new Magnus mini-PC

26.10.2016: Celebrating its 10-year anniversary at an event in Hong Kong, Zotac has unveiled a couple of new products including the new Zotac Magnus EN1080 mini-PC that packs quite a punch with Nvidia's GTX 1080 graphics card.


Rig of the Day - Pitch Black

26.10.2016: Like every day we're showing you a very nice build or from one of our modder friends. As always we will show you the nicest pictures of the build and if possible also the specifications here in the news and the full album with all pictures can be found in our Case Mod Gallery.

Finalwire AIDA64

FinalWire releases AIDA64 v5.80

25.10.2016: Finalwire has released its latest versions of the AIDA64 system information and benchmarking software, the AIDA64 v5.80, bringing improved and new support for latest products.


AMD Zen engineering samples spotted with higher clocks

25.10.2016: AMD has been talking about its upcoming Zen CPU architecture for quite a while and although we have seen some details, latest rumor suggest that these might have higher CPU clocks than we saw earlier.


K|ngp|n breaks 3DMark Fire Strike world record again

25.10.2016: We already wrote about the earlier K|ngp|n record breaking 3DMark Fire Strike score earlier but it appears there was a bit more overclocking headroom and life left in that system allowing him to break the record again and raise the score above the 48K mark.


Presenting Project Maximus by Fotocinas

25.10.2016: Today, we will be checking out yet another modding project from our forums, the Project Maximus made by Fotocinas and based on a rather interesting setup with Caselabs Magnum SMA8 PC case.


Apple to unveils three new MacBook notebooks

25.10.2016: While earlier reports suggested that Apple will be unveiled a new 13-inch MacBook at its event, it appears that there will be two additional MacBook Pro models, 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch, all featuring Intel's Skylake CPUs, USB Type-C ports, the OLED function row, known as the Magic Toolbar and more.


Intel delays 3D XPoint memory modules

25.10.2016: Although Intel's 3D XPoint memory modules were expected with the launch of Skylake EP server CPUs and the new Purley server platform in the first half of next year, it appears that the launch has been delayed and support for such modules will be coming with later, with the 2nd generation Purley platform.


Acer unveils new 24-inch 144Hz Predator monitor

25.10.2016: Acer has unveiled its latest monitor that will be a part of its Predator lineup, featuring a 24-inch TN panel with WQHD 2560x1440 resolution and 144Hz refresh rate, the Acer Predator XB241YU.


Rig of the Day - InWin 805 PCAXE

25.10.2016: Like every day we're showing you a very nice build or from one of our modder friends. As always we will show you the nicest pictures of the build and if possible also the specifications here in the news and the full album with all pictures can be found in our Case Mod Gallery.


Nvidia releases Geforce 375.63 WHQL bug-fix drivers

24.10.2016: Nvidia has released new Geforce 375.63 WHQL bug-fix drivers which should fix some of the issues seen with drivers released last week but also add support for Geforce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti graphics cards.


EVGA GTX 1080/1070 FTW have overheating issues

24.10.2016: According to information coming directly from EVGA's forums, it appears that EVGA's GTX 1080 FTW and GTX 1070 FTW graphics cards might have some issues with overheating which should be fixed soon.


Presenting Project Monore by August

24.10.2016: Today, we will be checking out a start of yet another and quite promising modding project made by August, Project Monore, based on quite interesting Jonsbo UMX3 PC case.