Steam Summer Sale 2018 - all the best deals

From June 22nd to July 5th

Steam's Summer Sale has started, which means quite a few interesting titles are available at discounted prices. As usual we have checked the site's inventory for the best deals and created a list for you.

Next to the usual discount orgy that happens once every summer you can also help unlock free games by playing Summer Saliens Game. Apparently there are also the usual good deals available and due to the fact that the summer sale has just started the Steam servers are kind of screaming under the heavy load all the traffic is causing.

Nevertheless we've managed to find 10 interesting games that are even more awesome on discount. There is for example a 50% discount on Fallout Franchise and Dark and Light. Furthermore Player Unknown's Battlegrounds has been discounted by 33%. Other than. Grim Dawn has been reduced by 70%. and Everspace and Tyranny of 67% and 66% respectively.

Following we've compiled a list with all the discounted titles:

  • Grim Dawn 70% off - 7.49 Euro
  • Everspace 67% off - 9.23 Euro
  • Tyranny 66% off - 14.27 Euro
  • Project CARS 2 60% off - 23.99 Euro
  • Fallout Franchise up to 50% off
  • Transport Fever 50% off - 15.99 Euro
  • Assetto Corsa 50% off - 9.99 Euro
  • Rocket League 50% off - 9.99 Euro
  • Dark and Light 50% off - 13.99 Euro
  • Dead Cells 40% off - 11.99 Euro
  • Nino Kuni II 40% off - 12.49 Euro
  • Player Unknown's Battlegrounds 33% off - 19.99 Euro

Source: Steam

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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