EKWB X-series terminals now support full parallel

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There is a bunch of different ways out there to connect multiple GPUs in your high-end water cooled rig and one of them is using an EK FC Terminal. EK Water Blocks has finally reworked these blocks, which are either CNC machined from POM Acetal material or cast acrylic and they now allow for different loop configurations.

While the old EK FC Terminals had to be equipped with extenders the new X-series terminals have been equipped with G1/4’’ threads, which are even with the unit’s body. This makes it possible to attach fittings directly to the body and thus looks better.

Apart from that there are serial and full-parallel versions of these terminals available. Especially the full-parallel variant was missing, which is basically a terminal that has four in/outlets - two on both sides of the block. If in the past you wanted to used a terminal from EK you were limited to building serial water cooling loops. The fact that there is now the option of a parallel terminal allows for building different, and in our opinion cleaner looking, loops.

Checking the EK webshop all the new X-Series Terminal’s are already listed and available. The prices range from 17.95€ in the case of a 2-slot 2-GPU connector to 49.95€ for a 7-slot/7-GPU terminal.
  • EK-FC Terminal X-Series
  • EK-FC Terminal X-Series
  • EK-FC Terminal X-Series
  • EK-FC Terminal X-Series

Source: EKWB

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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