der8auer and Caseking offering Core i7-8700K CPUs with silver IHS

And they are really expensive

After the launch of Intel Coffee Lake we’ve seen different tools for delidding these chips and apart from that many of them have already been tested. So far it looks like delidding Coffee Lake Chips makes a lot of sense if you want to overclock them and keep the temperatures at reasonable levels. On Caseking is now offering de-lidded, and pre-binned Coffee Lake chips, which have been equipped with an aftermarket heat spreader that’s been made from 99.9% silver, specifically for Core i7-8700K chips. Due to all the work behind, these chips come with a really steep price.

Caseking is offering binned chips, which are guaranteed to hit 4.8 GHz to 5.2 GHz in three different versions and all of them feature der8auer's and Caseking's logos. Currently there are three types of chips listed on CaseKing: The "Advanced chips" have been de-lidded and come with the stock IHS (integrated heatspreader), the "Pro chips" are de-lidded with a polished stock IHS, and the "Ultra chips" sport a 99.9% silver IHS further improving the thermal situation. Each CPU is binned and capable of hitting their target clock speeds at no more than 1.4 Volts.

The binned and de-lidded chips are listed on Caseking website now. At the moment the only version in stock is the 5.1 GHz model of the Advanced series, which will set you back 580€. The cheapest, the “Advanced chip” clocks at 4.8 GHz and costs 440€. The flagship model, which is capable of running 5.2 GHz, and goes by the suffix “Ultra” costs a whopping 870€. If you want a standard chip, Caseking is offering the tray versions of the Core i7-8700K processor for 325€.

A few months ago, our friend Franco "RULE" Valtulina has performed a few test on our forum with the standard Intel IHS and two more made out of copper. Pairing the Core i7-7700K with a copper IHS there was almost no difference and therefore we’re curious to see the result on Coffee Lake in combination with a 99.9% silver IHS. Our guess would be that the silver heatspreader looks incredibly cool, but the thermal advantages are almost negligible.

Source: Caseking

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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