.Skill launches Flare X Series DDR4 memory

Optimized for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors

G.Skill has announced their Flare X series memory kit, which has been designed and tested in combination with AMD’s new Ryzen Threadripper processors. When a new CPU architecture hits the market memory vendors usually conduct extensive stability tests before launching their kits. The G.Skill Flare X series offers very solid performance.

Designed for the latest AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor, the Flare X series DDR4 memory kit should provide good compatibility. The modules are going to be available supporting frequencies of up to 3600MHz. Apart from that there are going to be kits available with up to 128GB of total capacity, which is pretty impressive. At the moment there are four kits available.

The G.Skill Flare X DDR4-2933 and DDR4-3200 will come with CL14-14-14-34 timings and a capacity of 32GB (4x8GB) or 128GB (16x8GB), while the G.Skill Flare X DDR4-3466 and DDR4-3600 will feature a 16-16-16-36 latency set and 32GB (4x8GB) of total capacity.

So far G.Skill has not revealed details on pricing and availability. Nevertheless we expect these kits to hit the market somewhen this month.

Source: Guru3D

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Marc Büchel - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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