Lian Li releases PC-T70 benchtable

Compatible with E-ATX motherboards

Lian Li has unveiled a new computer case which could be considered a hybrid between a test bench and an actual case. The new PC-T70 is designed to combine both worlds when it comes to testing PC hardware. It can be used as a fully open test bench as well as closed, which should provide results that are closer to a real-world scenario.

When it comes to PC hardware testing, it is handy to own an open air test bench, since it allows a reviewer to quickly swap components. These test benches are usually as good as it gets for a reviewer. However since the system is oper, you don't see how a component behaves inside a closed PC. When testing a graphics card for example the temperatures are lower when it’s in an open system, which means the fans spin slows thus the noise level is lower. The PC-T70 will allow testing this scenario as well.

To be able to test a wide variety of motherboard the PC-T70 is compatible with E-ATX and ATX motherboards. Including the lid, which is sold separately and goes by the name PC-T70-1, a closed PC chassis can be simulated, while still being able to swap components quickly and save time. The case has been structured into two compartments, one being the bottom half that takes the PSU and all the storage devices and the top part offering space for the motherboard and graphics card. PC-T70 can be equipped with up to one 3.5" HDDs and five 2.5" drives. Apart from that the bottom part also allows the installation of a radiator, which measures up to 360mm in length. Talking about custom water cooling there are mounts for pumps and reservoirs. Should you install the side panels, then there is also space for up to four 120/140mm fans.

The PC-T70 will be available by the end of May with a price of 199 dollars, which is pretty reasonable for a test bench from Lian Li. The chassis will be available in two colors, which are black and white.

Source: Lian Li

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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