Nvidia releases GeForce 376.48 Hotfix drivers

Some Battlefield 1 issues addressed

A few weeks ago we have reported on a critical bug in Battlefield 1, which occurs in combination with GTX 700 series cards in particular on the GTX 770. According to the release notes, it looks like the new release should fix some issues related to Battlefield 1. The new GeForce 376.48 drivers should also address a few issues on Just Cause 3 and Wargame: Red Dragon game.

This new release is just a small Hotfix that resolves some minor bugs. At the moment we have checked on the official community of Battlefield 1 where there is a thread on the game, which has grown to over 450 pages within the past few weeks. According to the latest reports, it looks like the new Hotfix can resolve the DirectX error. However some users are still reporting issues after long gaming sessions.

As always, you can download the new GeForce 376.48 Hotfix drivers over at Nvidia's support page or automatically using the GeForce Experience software.

Fixed issue in version 376.48:
  • Workaround to fix incorrect Folding@home work units.
  • Fixed random flashes in Just Cause 3.
  • Fixed some issues that could lead to Battlefield 1 crash
  • Fixed SLI texture flickering in Battlefield 1.
  • Fixed corruption in Wargame: Red Dragon game.

  • Source: Overclock3d

    News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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