More details on AMD A12-9800 APU

A new APU based on socket AM4

Although the acclaimed launch date will be somewhen during or after CES 2017, there is new information on the upcoming next generation AMD Bristol Ridge APU. A few days ago we have seen a Bristol Ridge APU delidded by the overclocker NameGT and today there is a new score in the CPU-Z validator database.

Although we don't know whether this score has been achieved with the delidded APU or not, we can already say that the frequency is pretty high. According to the CPU-Z's screenshot, the benchmarks have been conducted on an Asus OCTOPUS motherboard with 2x8GB DDR4 memory running at 2'400 MHz CL12 timings. The core clock frequency has been pushed up to 4.9 GHz with a vcore of 1.43 volts.

Since NameGT is an extreme overclocker he could have achieved this frequency with LN2 cooling. According to latest rumor, the A12-9800 APU should have a stock frequency of 3'800 MHz with and Turbo clocks set to 4'200 MHz. AMD's 7th generation Bristol Ridge APUs will be using the new socket AM4 and it will be based on the AMD Excavator v2 CPU architecture. The internal graphics unit is a Radeon R7 series and we are quite curious to see the performance of the iGPU paired with the DDR4 memory.

Hopefully, we will also see more overclocking results soon.

Source: CPU-Z.

News by Luca Rocchi and Marc Büchel - German Translation by Paul Görnhardt - Italian Translation by Francesco Daghini

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