Apple sued over iWatch trademark

21.07.2015 - Posted by Marc Büchel

Although the thing is called Apple Watch

Although Apple didn't launch the Apple Watch as iWatch it was referred to as iWatch in countless rumors before the launch. It looks like the company that owns the trademark iWatch is now suing Apple.

The company, which owns the trademark is called Probendi. On 26th of June Probendi filed a suit. The company is bringing up the point that when you search the internet for "Apple Watch" "iWatch" is being display. According to a report on Bloomberg Probendi is stating that Apple has used the iWatch wording to drive traffic to their website. Apart from that Probendi is expecting the trademark to be worth 97 Million US-Dollar.

Probendi teilte weiterhin mit, dass Apple bereits kontaktiert worden sei, allerdings nie eine Antwort gegeben hätte. Es wird eine Anhörung zu diesem Fall geben, welche für den 11. November anberaumt ist. Probendi hatte geplant eine eigene Android-Smartwatch vorzustellen, die auf den besagten Namen "iWatch" hören sollte.

Source: Bloomberg
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