SilentiumPC unveils the Infantis LP812

17.07.2014 - Posted by Guillaume H.

CPU cooler for HTPCs

SilentiumPC is a Polish which is specialized in coolers and PC cases. Their latest product is a little cooler which should fit nicely in HTPC cases, to cool down Intel CPUs: we are talking about the new Infantis LP812.

SilentiumPC unveiled the Infantis LP812 today: it's a little CPU cooler, designed to cool down many Intel CPU, as long as their TDP is not over 65W. It's compatible with socket LGA775, 1150, 1155 and 1156.

It weighs 150g and it measures 87x100x29.5mm, so it's going to fit nicely in almost any kind of HTPC case. It features a curved base, two 6mm heatpipes, an aluminum heatsink and one 80mm fans, which rotates between 600 and 3000RPM, with a maximum noise of 20dBA.

The Infantis LP812 is already available with an MSRP of 14€, which sounds pretty cool. It could be the best choice to replace the Intel stock cooler inside your HTPC.

Source: Le Comptoir du Hardware.
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