Optimized for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors

G.Skill has announced their TridentZ RGB memory kit, which has been designed and tested in combination with AMD's Ryzen Threadripper processors. When a new CPU architecture hits the market memory vendors usually conduct extensive stability tests before launching their kits and G.Skill is certainly no exception in that regard.

Official support for Project Cars 2 and WARHAMMER II

NVIDIA and AMD appear to have released a new driver at the same day and the release notes appear rather similar. Therefore also NVIDIA now supports the new games Project Cars 2 and Total War: WARHAMMER II. Apart from that there are a few more titles on the support list as well as some performance improvements.

Added support and issues fixed

AMD has released the latest update to their Radeon GPU drivers, the Crimson ReLive Edition 17.9.2. Just a few days after the last WHQL driver has been launched, this new version goes online. As always support for new games has been added and issues have been fixed.

First Core i3 on HEDT

The acclaimed launch date of Coffee Lake based CPUs is somewhen next month, however Intel is also working on adding new Kaby Lake-X processors to their line-up. According to a rumor on Videocardz, Intel might release the first dual-core Core i3, which is compatible with X299 motherboards. The i3-7360X is basically the same CPU as the i3-7350K but for Intel’s HEDT platform.

Triple-fan cooler

It looks like MSI is working on a new Gaming X card, which makes use of a triple-fan cooler. The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio features a custom PCB and a custom cooler. This model should provide very good cooling performance. Apart from that there should be a new lighting system below the plastic shroud.

The ROG STRIX X299-E but upgraded

The ASUS ROG STRIX X299-XE Gaming is another Intel X299 motherboard that should help filling in gaps in the ASUS X299 lineup. The name of this particular board already suggests that’s it’s been designed with the upcoming Intel Core i9-7980XE processor in mind. Therefore it looks like ASUS updated/reworked the CPU VRM heatsink, making use of a heavier block. This way the VRMs should not cause thermal throttling issues. Besides that, the motherboard is 99% identical to the X299-E.

Now with 12GHz GDDR5X memory

EVGA has now shown another GTX 1080 Ti, which makes use of the capable FTW3 triple fan cooler. The so called FTW3 Elite graphics card has been equipped with faster memory to make the card even quicker compared to the the "standard" FTW3 graphics card.

Leaked on Reddit

Although we are still waiting for a mini-ITX AMD motherboard from ASUS, the company is already working on a model with this form factor for their upcoming Intel Coffee Lake processors. The upcoming ROG STRIX Z370I Gaming looks almost identical to its Z270 counterpart.

With Platinum and Gold efficiency

Seasonic is one of the those power supply makers delivering high quality on a constant basis. The current PRIME series features 80Plus Titanium level efficiency, which is possible due to the use of a complex design and high-end components. With the PRIME Ultra series, Seasonic refreshes the lineup with adding more 80Plus Titanium, Platinum and Gold certified units. Like with the previous units, Seasonic offers their extra long 12 year warranty.

On a Facebook post

A few days ago, we have posted a rumor from the Chinese website Mydrivers showing a picture of an alleged GTX 1070Ti STRIX O8G. Although this could have also just been a typo, it looks like NVIDIA is working on a GTX 1070 Ti in order to respond to AMD's RX Vega 56. Meanwhile Gigabyte have confirmed via Facebook that such a card is really in the works.

Compatible with Coffee Lake CPUs

At the moment there is only one picture showing the layout of the Z370 Racing GT7. Like the previous model this one features an entirely black color scheme with gold labels on the PCB. According to the first leaks,Z370 motherboards appear to be very similar to the Z270 models, but besides this Coffee Lake chips won't work on the 7th generation platform.

This time by Coolenjoy

Another set of benchmarks on Intel CPUs has surfaced, this time it looks like the upcoming Intel Core i9-7980XE has been tested. This model features 18 cores and 36 threads, and it’s supposed to be combined with 24.75 MB of L3 cache. The benchmarks have been conducted on an ASUS Apex motherboard with 32GB DDR4-3200 C15 memory.

Up to 256GB capacity

Plextor has shown their S3G SSDs series, which are based on Hynix’s 14nm TLC NAND Flash memory. The S3G drives are available with 128GB and 256GB capacity. All the S3G SSDs come with a M.2 2280 form factor, which makes them suitable for ultrabooks as well.

Techmax TV

Today we have another build from TechmaxTV for you. In the past we’ve shared several of his builds and as you might know they always look exceptionally good. Like every day we're showing you a very nice build or from one of our modder friends. As always we will show you the nicest pictures of the build and if possible also the specifications here in the news and the full album with all pictures can be found in our Case Mod Gallery.

A rather long GTX 1070

PNY has unveiled a new graphics card which belongs to their XLR8 series and it's supposed to deliver solid performance. After a first look it appears that it's going to be a rather long graphics card. The GeForce GTX 1070 XLR8 OC comes with a black and red color scheme.

And silver color scheme

Gigabyte has finally revealed the X399 Designare EX motherboard, which is the first motherboard that comes with a Thunderbolt port. On top of that there is a whole bunch of other features as well as an exceptionally good looking color scheme. The Designare EX series currently represents Gigabyte’s flagship motherboards.

Quite similar to the Super Luce RGB Sync

A few days ago, GEIL has shown their Super Luce RGB Sync which are almost identical to the upcoming Lite version. The Super Luce RGB Lite lacks RGB LED management software and comes with a combination of multi-color lighting. Apart from that there are different presets but there is no header to connect the modules to the motherboard.


In our SSD price watch we keep you updated on SSD prices on a weekly basis. In order to do so, we monitor prices of 28 different SSDs. Also create graphs for you to instantly see where prices have increase or declined.

Now with RGB lighting

In 2014 and 2015, we have reviewed quite a few CPU coolers from Deepcool including its Captain all-in-one series. A few years later Deepcool is giving those products an overhaul. The Captain EX RGB all-in-one cooler offers the same cooling performance as the already available Captain EX products, but comes with a new fan controller and RGB lighting which is compatible with ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI motherboards.

This time it’s confirmed

A few weeks ago we’ve found out that Intel's upcoming Coffee Lake processors won’t work on Intel 200 series motherboards. The same incompatibility is between Kaby Lake processors and the upcoming Intel Z300 motherboards. A few days ago, our friends over at hardware.info have tested both combinations and according to them, the Intel 200 series is incompatible with the 300 series.
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