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18.01.2017 - Posted by Luca Rocchi

A small overview

With the upcoming socket AM4, AMD is going to change the mounting holes. Quite a few manufacturers have already updated their own CPU cooler-series with AM4 retention kits, offering cost-free or cheap upgrade. The socket AM4 is going to support Bristol-Ridge APUs as well as Ryzen CPUs based on the upcoming Zen architecture.

Our friends over at ComputerBase have done a very good overview, showing all the manufacturers that have announced conversion kits. Following you can find a more detailed list.

Aqua computer
New models with AM4 mounting kits are coming and should soon be available at the same price of LGA2011 kits. Conversion kits will become available during the first quarter and they will be compatible with all the water blocks that have been released during the past 16 years. The prices will range between 9.90 and 14.90 Euro.

Most of Arctic's coolers are already compatible with the new socket AM4 since they are using the standard AM4 retention kit. Apart from that the Freezer A11 and the Freezer A32 will be replaced by the Freezer 12 and the Freezer 33. Conversion kits for older models will not be available. Also the water cooling series called "Liquid Freezer" will be not compatible with socket AM4.

Be Quiet!
For the Dark Rock 3, the Darkrock Pro 3, the Darkrock TF, the Shadow Rock 2 and the Shadow Rock Slim CPU coolers AM4 retention kits will be available for free. In addition you’ll also be able to get kits for the Silent Loop series. All the upcoming Be Quiet! coolers will be bundled with an AM4 retention kit.

According to Corsair only the Hydro H60 and Hydro Series H100 are compatible with AM4 socket.

Cooler Master
Cooler Master explained that the Hyper T4 and the TX3 Evo are already compatible with AMD’s socket AM4. Nevertheless a conversion kit is going to be available for a whole range of CPU coolers. These kits can be requested through the CMStore and they’re free of charge. All the MasterLiquid and MasterAir series will be compatible with socket AM4 motherboards. Apart from that the Hyper 412S, Nepton and Seidon series will require a conversion kit which is going to be available soon. Only the Hyper 103 and the V8 won’t be compatible at all.

Two of their coolers (the Ben Nevis and the Sella) are already compatible with the new socket AM4 since they are using the standard AM4 retention kit. Apart from that other products will be compatible soon. So far the company has not revealed any additional details.

EK Water Blocks
EKWB is offering a specific mounting plate for all the EK Supremacy EVO water blocks. In addition you can buy a compatibility kit for EK-KIT and EK-Predator series coolers. More details are available on the official site.

According to Enermax, all the CPU coolers (expect the Liqtech120X) will be compatible with AM4 motherboards right before launch. The conversion kit is also free of charge if you can provide a purchase slip.

Lepa is part of the Enermax subsidiary Coolergiant. According to them the conversion kits is quite similar. Also here all models are going to be compatible with one exception, the Lepa LPWEL240-HF EXllusion. Like for Enermax all the updated kits will be available during March and to get a compatible retention kit you’ll have to send them an e-mail

Already during Computex 2016 Noctua had announced free conversion kits. All the CPU coolers will be compatible except the NH-L9i, which is only for Intel sockets. According to Noctua, if you have a purchase receipt for the cooler you will get the retention kit free of charge. Otherwise you have to pay 7.90 euro.

According to Phanteks, all the CPU coolers (except the PH-TC90LS which is for Intel processors only) will be compatible with AM4 motherboards right before launch. The conversion kit is going to be free of charge, after providing the purchase slip.

So far there are no coolers compatible with AMD’s upcoming socket AM4. The Armageddon, the Genesis and the Megahalems will soon receive a conversion kit. Apart from that there are no additional details.

According to Raijintek, all CPU coolers are going to be compatible with socket AM4 motherboards right before launch. After showing the purchase slip, the kit is going to be free of charge. Only the Triton series won’t be made compatible.

Conversion kits for Heatkiller III and Heatkiller IV will become available during March. Depending on the version, the price will be between 10 and 15 euro.

If you want to see a table with all the information compiled, we recommend you to head over to Computerbase.

Source: ComputerBase
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