Corsair Vengeance RGB series memory pictured

11.01.2017 - Posted by Luca Rocchi

First RGB kit from Corsair

During CES 2017 Corsair has revealed a new RGB memory kit. Corsair already had several products in its portfolio that featured LED lighting, but none of those offered RGB capabilities. According the latest news from the manufacturer, there will soon be Vengeance DDR4 RGB memory kits available.

According to Techpowerup the new Vengeance DDR4 RGB memory kits will be based on either 8GB or 16GB DIMM modules. Apparently Corsair will also add kits with different clock speeds to the portfolio. Almost equally obvious is that dual-channel and quad-channel kits are going to be listed. Quite a bit less evident is the fact that Corsair is also going to offer single modules.

So far Corsair already has several products in its portfolio that feature RGB lightning and hopefully there is going to be a software allowing to control all the different components through a central interface. In our opinion it would be really cool to be able to control the lighting of let’s say your keyboard, mouse and memory at the same time from within an easy-to-manage software.

Source: Techpowerup
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