Corsair unveils new Neutron XTi SSD lineup

10.06.2016 - Posted by Slobodan Simic

Based on Phison controller

Corsair has unveiled its newest Neturon XTi SSD lineup that will be based on Phison controller, MLC NAND and available in capacities of up to 1,920 GB.

As noted, Corsair's new Neutron XTi SSD series will be available in 240, 480 and 960 GB capacities as well as a 1,920 GB version which should be available in near future. The Corsair Neutron XTi SSD series is based on a quad-core Phison controller, most likely quad-core, 8-channel, Phison S10 controller, paired up with Toshiba's 15nm MLC NAND.

This combination of hardware is enough for Neturon XTi to offer sequential performance of up to 560MB/s for read and up to 540MB/s for write, with random 4k performance of up to 100,000 IOPS for read and up to 90,000 IOPS for write.

The rest of the specifications and features include End-to-End Data Path Protection (ETEP), low power consumption, Enhanced Error Correction with SmartECC and SmartRefresh features and Advanced Garbage Coolection. The Corsair Neutron XTi SSD lineup is also compatible with Corsair SSD Toolbox.

As noted, the Corsair XTi SSD lineup will be available in 240, 480 and 960GB capacities as of today with a price set at US $89.99, $159.99 and $239.99, respectively. The 1,920GB version will be available at a later date with yet to be announced price.

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