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Back in the days when the Litecoin started to become more valuable and when it was still possible to mine those coins with graphics cards instead of specific ASIC - which are now used for that purpose - ocaholic was also actively working on securing it’s slice of the cake. These days, since the price of Ethereum simply exploded, there is another mining hype going on and on that background a ton of hardware enthusiasts decided to fire up their rigs again and buying all GPUs that are possibly available on the market.

300W air cooled, 375W water cooled

The launch of AMD’s RX Vega series graphics cards is one of those that’s being expected but it apparently takes ages until it happens. According to latest information it’s supposed to take place in early-August or even late-July during the Siggraph 2017 event.

To be announced in August?

It looks like AMD is really making Intel all nervous, so nervous in fact that there are already benchmarking values of what seems to be an early Coffee Lake sample appearing. The great thing about Coffee Lake is the fact, that it will bring six cores to the mainstream market.

Higher production volume in 2018

Prices for DRAM as well as NAND flash memory has been on the rise since almost a year now. Due to the fact that smartphones can require up to 6 Gigabyte of RAM as well as a considerable amount of NAND flash memory supply is still tight.

Quite useful feature

Microsoft added a GPU utilization Tab to the new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16226 in the task manager. The performance tab now also shows GPU utilization information for each GPU component as well as graphics memory usage stats. This upcoming feature might be quite useful if you want to know more about your graphics accelerator without having to install third party software.

Called Aorus GTX 1070 Gaming Box

External graphics card docks are not so common, yet there are many reasons why this could change. During this year’s Computex, Gigabyte has shown the Aorus GTX 1070 Gaming Box and it looks like one of the best solutions so far. The box not only comes pre-packed with an ITX-sized GTX 1070 it's also one of the smallest external GPU cases we’ve seen so far, which makes perfect sense keeping in mind that it’s most likely going to be combined with a notebook or a mini PC.

Dark, FTW and Micro

EVGA is the last one amongst the motherboard vendors to announce their X299 motherboards. Like in the past, when a new chipset was launched, EVGA has prepared three new models. This time they have come up with two E-ATX form factor ones, which go by the name X299 Dark and X299 FTW K as well as a mATX X299 Micro.

Powered by Vega

Already last year, AMD had first shown their upcoming Radeon Instinct compute accelerators as well as the Radeon Open Compute platform (ROCm). These accelerators are designed to challenge NVIDIA in the deep learning and machine intelligence field of application. At the time, AMD didn’t share much information about the specifications of these accelerators. Nevertheless AMD has finally announced the MI25, which is their new flagship model.

Ranging from 2133 to 3200 MHz

AMD has released a list of Ryzen compatible DDR4 memory kits that have been tested at rated speeds with Ryzen CPUs at D.O.C.P. settings. According to AMD, some of these kits will require the the BIOS to be updated so the latest AGESA microcode is in place.


Today we have another build from Mnpctech for you. In the past we’ve shared several of his builds and as you might know they always look exceptionally good. Since we don't know what there is under the hood you will not find any specification.

Sergey Mnev

Today we have another build from Sergey Mnev for you. In the past we’ve shared several of his builds and as you might know they always look exceptionally good. Since we don't know what there is under the hood you will not find any specification.

Already available

EK Water Blocks has announced a new full-cover block for EVGA's GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 graphics card. The block is going to look similar to the model EK produced for the non-Ti version of the EVGA GTX 1080. As always the water block is available in different versions.

Solid sheet metal and tempered glass

With the Core G21, Thermaltake adds another case to the portfolio. This rather small mid-tower chassis has been made from SECC steel, ABS plastic and tempered glass. Although Thermaltake is certainly not famous for doing understated cases, the new Core G21 TG would barely stand out in an office and even less at a LAN party.

With black color scheme

During Computex, Supermicro has shown two X299 motherboard for Intel's X299 platform. Compared to the previous generation of motherboards, the new series look much better with a cleaner design and thanks to a simpler color scheme. Both motherboards are based on the same PCB and the only difference is the IPMI remote management.

Available soon

During this years Computex, Gigabyte has shown their first batch of X299 motherboards for Intel's Basin Falls platform. So far Gigabyte has unveiled three ATX models which are all based on the same PCB. What differs is the color scheme, the audio solution and a few connectors. According to Gigabyte, the motherboards will soon be available in all major retail outlets and online stores.

Blizzard is looking for new staff

During a StarCraft event held in Seoul, Korea, back in March this year, Blizzard’s president publicly announced that their going to launch a remaster of the original StarCraft somewhen mid-2017. On top of that the remaster should be free to download. It looks like Blizzard is not only remastering the original StarCraft. Two new Job openings suggest that maybe Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2 could undergo a major overhaul as well.

Seriously 44 lanes only at USD 1k?

Intel has finally released their Skylake-X as well as Kaby Lake-X processors. Looking at it from a press perspective this was a pretty messy launch since NDA dates have been shifted and as many other reviews sites all over Europe pointed out sample availability was horrible. Nevertheless meanwhile we officially know the detailed specs and prices. Apart from that I’m going to let you know what I think about the current Intel HEDT line-up. I’m usually not the person to rant publicly, but too much is too much.

Based on ATX form factor

The ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe is another Intel X299 motherboard that should help filling gaps in the ASUS X299 lineup. So far there are only five X299 motherboards from ASUS, which are the Prime X299-A, the Prime X299-Deluxe, the ROG Strix X299-E Gaming, the TUF X299 Mark 1 and Mark 2. Compared to the X99-Deluxe, the Prime X299-Deluxe offers a similar design with white and black color scheme.

B2 stepping incoming

During the last past months AMD has released several AGESA updates addressing issues related to memory support and/or CPU performance in general. According to CanardPC, AMD appears to be working on a new B2 stepping in the case of their 14nm "Summit Ridge" silicon. The B2 stepping should addresses a lot of hardware-level issues that cannot be fixed by “simple” BIOS/AGESA updates.

Vendors start selling

The new Intel X299 platform is now available to purchase and apparently there are several different models at a wide variety of price point. So far there are 19 models available and during upcoming weeks more boards are to be introduced. One particular model we’ve spotted at this year’s Computex we’re waiting for especially, which is ASRock’s mini-ITX X299-ITX/ac.
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