Not all old X399 motherboards might be compatible

During the last days we have published several rumors and leaks about upcoming AMD Threadripper CPUs and AMD X399 motherboards. If you already own an X399 motherboard you should be fine, however if you like overclock you might be interested in this article since your motherboard isn't truly compatible with new high-end CPUs.

During ChinaJoy show

A few weeks ago we have reported first information regarding the upcoming NVIDIA graphics cards. During the ChinaJoy event, the Chinese manufacturer Maxsun has unveiled the first picture of an allegedly NVIDIA graphics card.

With 1800R curvature

BenQ has added another monitor with a 31.5-inch panel, 2560 x 1440 resolution and 1800R curvature to its lineup. The display comes with an VA panel from AU Optronics and it's supposed to be HDR compatible.

For ROG X399 Zenith Extreme

ASUS has unveiled the first cooling kit for AMD X399 motherboard which should improve the compatibility with the upcoming AMD Threadripper -WX processors. As you might know, the -WX processors are rated 250W TDP.

Four SKUs

The new series of Ryzen Threadripper processors will include four SKUs with both -WX and -X suffix. As you might know, the -WX suffix stands for "creators and innovators" while -X should mean "enthusiast and gamers".

Alongside with performance data

AMD's first generation Ryzen Threadripper packaging was rather interesting. With the second generation of CPUs, AMD offers another fetching packaging. AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2000 will come in a futuristic pod fabricated from textured and transparent materials.

Compact ATX case

Deepcool has unveiled several products during the Computex 2018. In addition to the coolers and the new lineup of power supplies, the company has unveiled a whole set of cases. While we already know that the new series will include three models, at the moment is available the Matrexx 55 case only.

With twelve models

During the last days, MSI has unveiled its motherboard lineup with a dozen of B450 motherboards. The company has unveiled a good mix split between full-size ATX and small form factor options. The line-up includes four models for each series: performance gaming, arsenal gaming and pro series.

Available in two color options

A few months ago, during CES 2018, In Win has shown an early prototype of their 915 case. Meanwhile the case has been spotted on the official site and we believe that it will be available quite soon. According to the first images, the new In Win 915 looks a bit different than the prototype unveiled during last CES.

Interesting changes

During the last weeks there have been several rumours surrounding NVIDIA's next GeForce graphics card launch. At the moment we know that NVIDIA has an event scheduled for later this month. Despite we haven't any confirmation that we will see the GTX 1180 there, there are leaked pictures about the PCB of an upcoming NVIDIA graphics card.

Five models

Right after ASUS and Gigabyte, also ASRock has unveiled five motherboards based on AMD B450 chipset. The company adds to the market two Fatal1ty B450 motherboards and three Pro series models. ASRock with the B450 series offers ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards.

Four models

Gigabyte has unveiled its motherboard lineup with a bunch of B450 motherboards. At the moment there are only available four models, two of them are based on micro-ATX form factor while the others two use full-size ATX. It's still unclear if the company will release a mini-ITX model as well during next weeks.

For WoW: Battle for Azeroth and Monster Hunter: World

NVIDIA's released its latest GeForce graphics drivers named 398.82. The new drivers add optimisations for WoW: Battle for Azeroth and Monster Hunter: World. Furthermore NVIDIA has also added updated SLI profiles for titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and World of Warcraft.

New BIOS versions for all MSI Z370 motherboards

While Intel is expected to launch the Core 9000 series of processors during next October, MSI is already updating their existing motherboards with a new BIOS compatible with Intel Coffee Lake-S Refresh.

First SSD with QLC NAND memory

The first SSD with QLC NAND memory has been spotted at webshops and the price is rather interesting. At the moment the 512GB model is available for 114 Euro, which means 20 cents per GB. The Intel 660p NVMe comes with M.2 form factor and PCIe 3.0 x4 interface.

9th generation processors available after summer

Earlier this week, we have seen the first 3DMark benchmarks for what is believed to be the upcoming Intel Core-i9 9900K. The CPU has shown an impressive TimeSpy score that beats AMD's eight core Ryzen 7 2700X. According to the latest roadmap, we should expect Intels Z390 chipset as well as Intels 9th generation processors during October 2018.

For $117 million in cash

If you want open a podcast, stream or a Youtube channel you will need for sure a microphone or even a webcam. Logitech wants to be sure that users can find everything they need in Logitech's portfolio. The company has acquired Blue Microphone for $117 million in cash.

With StoreMI technology

Today AMD has officially released their budget-oriented B450 chipset, offering low-cost alternatives to the company's high-end AMD X470 chipset. The B450 chipset should still offer interesting features like 24 PCIe Gen3 lanes, AMD StoreMI technology and DRAM/CPU OC.

With RGB lighting

With the new Mercury series, Antec adds three AIO cpu coolers. Like with the previous generations, Antec uses tubes with black sleeving, mounting kits compatible with latest CPU sockets and USB cable for RGB Integration. At the moment the series includes three models, the Mercury 120 RGB, Mercury 240 RGB and Mercury 360 RGB.

Seven motherboards

AMD has released the budget-oriented B450 chipset and on this occasion ASUS has updated its website adding seven upcoming models. The ROG Strix B450-I Gaming, ROG Strix B450-F Gaming, TUF B450-Plus, TUF B450M-Plus Gaming, Prime B450-Plus, Prime B450M-A and Prime B450M-K are coming to the market.

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