With up to 1.92TB capacity

NVMe capable SSDs are growing increasingly popular these days, offering much higher transfer speeds than the usual SATA drive. New markets always offer new opportunities and that on the other hand means that different vendors will launch new products. ADATA is one of those having presented their new SX7100 NVMe SSDs.

With GX Blue switches

Logitech announced the upcoming G512 keyboard that features RGB lighting and clicky GX Blue switches. This is the first keyboard to feature the new switches, in most of the past mechanical keyboards Logitech has used the Romer-G tactile and linear switches.

100Euro for 500GB SSD

If you are looking for an SSD, you will be happy to know that is the right time for buy one. According to Geizhals, prices of popular SATA SSDs have dropped significantly. For example the Crucial MX500 500GB costs now 99 Euro and six months back the price was set to 140 Euro.

Strong performance

With the XLR8 CS2080, PNY is ready to jump in the ultra-high-performance NVMe SSD market. The new series of SSDs come with XLR8 branding that is the performance product group for gamers. For example we can find XLR8 graphics cards which are usually high-end products.

Alongside with new fans

AMD at Computex 2018 has unveiled the second generation of Threadripper CPU. The new chipzilla will pack as many as 32 core and it will have a TDP as high as 250W. Although a water cooling cooler might be the best choice, be quiet! has immediately unveiled the Dark Rock Pro TR4 which should be able to cool down this big chip. Furthermore the company has added new fans.

Cases, coolers and fans

The German PC component maker be quiet! has revealed several upcoming products in almost all of the company's product categories. The company has unveiled Silent Base and Dark Base series, CPU cooler for AMD Threadripper, new fans and capable power supplies. In the following we will talk about cases and in another news you will find more details about the other products.

Coolant, fans and prototypes

Like many other manufacturers, EK Water Blocks has shown several upcoming products and unnamed prototypes at Computex 2018. The company has unveiled two series of fans, a new waterblock and a not abrasive coolant. Furthermore in the future we might see a revised all-in-one as well as a cold plate for Intel CPUs.

Keyboards and gaming chair lineup

During the exhibition, Tesoro has unveiled several peripherals and even a gaming chair lineup. The company has updated the two gaming keyboard lineups, the Durandal and Gram series. Tesoro has added one new Durandal and two more Gram gaming keyboards.

For ATX cases

During the past months, we have seen several gaming cases with vertical PCIe bracket support. However, one of the biggest problems with vertical graphics card mounting kits is that the GPU sits very close to the side panel. In this way the airflow is very limited and the GPU tends to run a bit hot. For this reason, CableMod has releaved a mounting kit that should avoid this issue.

Fix DisplayPort issue too

NVIDIA has issued a firmware update that fixes some issues with DisplayPort 1.3 / 1.4 monitor connectivity and enables the latest features over the same interface. With this fix, you will not see anymore blank screens, system hangs and bootloop with DisplayPort cable plugged in. The update also readies GeForce owners for HDR G-Sync gaming monitors.

A 13K £ system

Overclockers UK is ready to start selling its 8Pack Polaris MK2 PC, which is an extreme system that the company has unveiled during the Computex 2018. The components are installed inside the full-tower Lian LI PC-V3000 and it comes with a huge custom watercooling setup.

Thanks to AMD

A few weeks ago, we have read rumors about the first Samsung with FreeSync technology. It looks like that Samsung together with AMD will relesease an update for several QLED TV from 55-inch to 82-inch with FreeSync inside. Furthermore also the NU8000 and NU8500 series will come with this feature.

New concepts

It seems that Cooler Master has unveiled several products during the exhibition. The company has shown off a wide range of CPU coolers as well as power supplies. This includes the very first thermal electric all-in-one liquid cooler and, the successor of the popular Hyper 212 CPU cooler.

Six more cases

During Computex 2018, Cooler Master has shown several PC cases and we are going to do a quick roundup of all the products. Next to the redesigned Cosmos and HAF cases, Cooler Master has unveiled three models based on the new MasterBox series.

A little gem

A few days ago, Intel launched their Core i7-8086K to mark the 40th Anniversary of their 8086 chip that started the x86 revolution and meanwhile there are already a couple of impressive overclocking results on HWBOT. At the moment in the first place we find the german overclocker "Der8auer" who was able to achieve a monstrously high 7'243 MHz. Although the frequency might look pretty high, it didn't break any record yet.

Another Signature product

InWin during the show has unveiled another design and crazy case. With the Z-Tower, the company adds another case to their Signature lineup. This case is a full tower made out entirely in aluminum.

Updated version of 303

During the Computex we have written countless news about RGB motherboards, fans, coolers and even cables. InWin has unveiled a new RGB case too, but this time we aren't talking about RGB LED but RGB pixels. The company has placed several RGB pixels on the front which can be used to create animated images.

In collaboration with Phanteks

During the Computex, Seasonic hasn't unveiled only power supplies. The company have come up with a new cable management system which could replace the modular cabling. With the system cable management device (SCMD) you might create super clean and tidy gaming rigs.

Several prototypes

It looks like that Noctua will have some big changes in its lineup with the addition of their Sterrox fans. Furthermore the company will update and improve several old heatsink designs in order to meet the current standards.

With MSRP price set at $449 USD

Yesterday AMD has officially unveiled the Radeon RX Vega 56 Nano graphics card. Unlike the R9 Nano, the RX Vega 56 Nano is an AIB partner effort by PowerColor. Overall the card looks pretty similar to the previous concepts that we have seen during the last weeks.
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